27 August 2014


Hello, I'm back with another look from my weekend trip to Berlin. At the end of day two we visited Charlottenburg - a beautiful palace surrounded by a magnificent, large gardens. While strolling the charming valleys we managed to take a few photos that I'm happy to share with you today. I matched my black miniskirt with an oversized sweater I got at the recent sale at M&S and my all-time-favourite strapped stilettos. 

22 August 2014


Since summer is almost over, I decided to go on a spontaneous weekend trip to Berlin. I've never had a chance to go there before, even though it's pretty close to where I live. As soon as I started to discover this city I immediately felt a regret that my visit was so short; it's an amazing, vibrant place and a whole week wouldn't be enough to see everything it has to offer. I was particularly impressed by the modern architecture, especially in the West Berlin. I'll share with you my favourite places soon and today I'd like to show you what I wore during my trip.

I decided to go for a pair of ragged denim shorts and a striped tee that I borrowed from my boyfriend. I added a more polished jacket and my favourite boots - super-comfortable and perfect for long walks.


5 August 2014


If I had to choose one thing to eat every day for the rest of my life, it would be pasta. I love all kinds - bolognese, with spinach and blue cheese, seafood, strawberries and everything else I happen to have in my fridge. However, during hot summer days I don't really feel like eating meat or thick sauces. That is why I was so happy to find this recipe. I ate something similar at the restaurant and later I tried to recreate it at home. It's a perfect choice for a light summer lunch, but also for a dinner with friends - it's served almost cold so it can be prepared in advance.

2 August 2014


I love wearing white during summer. It's so simple, clean and effortless. It makes a casual outfit sophisticated and you can never go wrong with it. Although I own a small collection of plain white tees and I tend to wear them with everything, from jeans to evening skirts, I couldn't help but get a bit used to it. That is why I started looking for something more interesting, but still in this perfect summer hue. 

27 July 2014


City Tour - Holidays

If you're planning to go on a sightseeing, you are likely to walk all day long, so super-comfortable clothes and shoes are a must. However, that doesn't mean you can't show the world you're a fashion girl! 
After all, holidays are the perfect time to try new, exciting trends and to be a little more adventurous.

Here are my picks for a stylish trip to the city:

Printed jumpsuit - more practical than a skirt, but just as elegant. The cool print is really hard to ignore.
Espadrilles - by wearing them you'll show you're up to date with current trends. And your feet will thank you for it.
Shiny tote - because you need a place to stock all the souvenirs. So shine on, girl!
Round sunglasses - so you can be mistaken for one of the Olsens.
Earrings - they will take you from the street straight to a hip cocktail bar.
Polka-dot Shirt - wherever you go, don't loose your sense of humour.
Cutoff shorts - an ultimate summer staple - they show very clearly you're on holidays!
Camel shoulder bag - to carry all the essentials, including a journal diary and a camera.
Off-white strappy sandals - a perfect alternative to high heels, if you still want to look elegant and feminine, but actually need to walk.
Classic navy watch - so you'll be just in time for the biggest attractions!