27 July 2014


City Tour - Holidays

If you're planning to go on a sightseeing, you are likely to walk all day long, so super-comfortable clothes and shoes are a must. However, that doesn't mean you can't show the world you're a fashion girl! 
After all, holidays are the perfect time to try new, exciting trends and to be a little more adventurous.

Here are my picks for a stylish trip to the city:

Printed jumpsuit - more practical than a skirt, but just as elegant. The cool print is really hard to ignore.
Espadrilles - by wearing them you'll show you're up to date with current trends. And your feet will thank you for it.
Shiny tote - because you need a place to stock all the souvenirs. So shine on, girl!
Round sunglasses - so you can be mistaken for one of the Olsens.
Earrings - they will take you from the street straight to a hip cocktail bar.
Polka-dot Shirt - wherever you go, don't loose your sense of humour.
Cutoff shorts - an ultimate summer staple - they show very clearly you're on holidays!
Camel shoulder bag - to carry all the essentials, including a journal diary and a camera.
Off-white strappy sandals - a perfect alternative to high heels, if you still want to look elegant and feminine, but actually need to walk.
Classic navy watch - so you'll be just in time for the biggest attractions!

23 July 2014


We've all been there. One summer afternoon you decide to go on an innocent trip to a mall. And then you notice it. The bold, red word 'SALE' screaming at you from all directions. People are crowded around ZARA entrance as if they were expecting to get something for free. You decide to check it out. The whole store looks like an Indian market – clothes are everywhere, and you stumble upon shoes as you go. You see women flipping through rags, determined to 'hunt' the best pieces. Suddenly you start to feel nervous. What if you just happened to come across the most amazing sale, when you can buy sophisticated items and pay next to nothing? What if it's one in a lifetime opportunity? 'I'll just have a look' you think, and two hours later you leave the store with tons of useless crap. And guess what? It wasn't even that cheap.

20 July 2014


I'm back! After 10 days of chilling out on the beach I'm home with a whole bunch o new ideas.
As I mentioned in the latest post, I stayed in Jastarnia - a charming seaside resort in Poland. It's located in the Hel Peninsula, which is a very popular summer destination in Poland. This may be due to its marvellous landscape that mainly consists of forests and beautiful, sandy beaches that spread out alongside the coastline.

6 July 2014


I am currently enjoying my holidays in Jastarnia, Poland. 
I am lucky to have perfect weather and in this climate it's not so obvious even in July.
Even though I love going to the South of Europe during holidays, there is something nostalgic about Baltic Sea. It evokes my childhood memories of the carefree days I spent here.

I love those lazy days spent on the sandy beach. I sunbathe, play and laugh. I eat fresh fish in the local restaurants. I walk around makeup-free and wear bikini all day long. I have fun with a group of friends and enjoy quality time with my loving boyfriend. It's perfect.

I'll be back in the middle of July with new posts and ideas for the blog. Meanwhile, I'm sharing with you a photo I took today at the beach. 

How about your holidays?



25 June 2014


I'm finally back after a longer break due to my finals! I'm so relieved to eventually be on vacation.
That is why I decided to bring this relaxed atmosphere to my wardrobe and, after years of wearing skinny jeans, try something different. I know that boyfriend cut has been there for a while, but at the beginning I was reluctant to even consider wearing it. I'm not the tallest person and I was worried that it'd mess with my proportions.