Tips For a Perfect At-Home Manicure


    Hi guys, long time no write, but I’m currently trying to graduate and finally start another chapter in my life. Until it happens I won’t be able to publish often, but I don’t want to let this blog die either, so I’ll try to write something at least once a week. Today I’d like to talk about nails. I love the feeling of having impeccable manicure; it’s one of those things that instantly make me feel polished. However, to be…

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    Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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    My Favourite Finds: April

    Hi guys! As another month is coming to an end, I decided to bring back the series I started back in 2015: My favourite finds of the month. Everyday I’m scrolling…

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    Easy Weekend Pizza Recipe

    It’s not a mystery that cooking in general is not my favourite activity, but there’s one thing I always enjoy making: pizza! Now you probably think: why on earth someone would…

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    Blue Coat

    Over the past few years my style has become more minimal; I’ve been buying less clothes of better quality and I’ve been sticking mostly to neutral colours. As convenient as it…

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    Starting Over With Your Wardrobe

    We all have those moments when we’re staring at our wardrobe thinking “I’ve got absolutely nothing to wear”. But it hardly ever has to do with actual lack of clothes (unless…