How to Eat Better on a Budget


If you’ve ever made a commitment to eating healthier, you probably know how costly it can be. This is something most magazines and books never mention when they encourage us to always look for the best quality, but in reality buying better products usually means spending more money. We all want to eat well, but not many of us can afford to pick whatever they want and not look at the price tag. If you can relate, I have good news for you: it is possible to eat healthy without breaking the bank. Below I’m sharing some tips I’ve learnt along the way and I hope you’ll find them useful, too.

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Stunning Evening Dresses Inspired by Bond Girls


I have to admit it: I’m an avid James Bond fan. Ever since I watched my first 007 film a few years ago, I’ve been catching up on the older ones and I’ve been hooked. For me a Bond film is almost like a separate genre. I don’t expect it to be deep or even realistic, but I want it to take me to the fantasy world for just a few hours. Stunning locations, opulent lifestyle and insanely sexy men (and women) in fancy clothes are what makes those films so appealing. As much as I appreciate a nice suit (and the one in “Spectre” was just out of this world), what usually catches my attention are the evening dresses.

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Is Less Really More? A Few Thoughts on Minimalism


When you scroll through the most popular fashion blogs and their Instagram feeds, it’s hard not to notice that minimalism has become extremely popular. Outfits made of simple pieces in neutral colours accompanied by natural, hardly there makeup receive thousands of likes on Instagram. The trend which allows us to save time and look good without breaking the bank gained many followers, but is less really more in terms of style?

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